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Veronica Wynne-Hughes
Psychologist (MA)
The Psychologist in Budapest - Veronica Wynne-Hughes

Welcome / Introduction

I am an expat myself, working as a certified Psychologist providing Psychological Counselling and/or therapy to those members of the English-speaking community living in Hungary who feel they might benefit from it. Having spent 10+ years living abroad in many different countries and therefore having international cultural fluency, I have first hand experience and a deep-rooted insight into the types of difficulties strangers face in a foreign country. Hungarians are also welcome. I earned both my Bachelor's Degree and my Diploma in Counselling in Liverpool, whereas my Master's degree and qualification as Integrative Psychotherapist I earned in Hungary. I am currently enrolled in postgraduate training for Family and Couples Therapy and attend Psychology conferences on a regular basis. Native speaker of both English and Hungarian Holding one UK and one Hungarian university degree (both in psychology) Training in family and couples therapy Training in individual psychotherapy Diploma in counselling Specializing in expats 10+ years of experience living abroad Fully licensed

Worldwide client base so far

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Worldwide client base so far

Education / Qualifications

  • 2009-2013: Hungarian Association for Integrative Psychotherapy; course: Integrative Psychotherapy; qualification: Integrative Therapist
  • 2007-2009: Pázmány Péter Catholic University - Piliscsaba, Hungary; course: Psychology; specialization: Clinical Psychology, Family Therapy and Psychology of Religion; qualification: Psychologist, M.A.
  • 2005-2006: Liverpool Community College - Liverpool , United Kingdom; course: Person-Centred Psychotherapy; qualification: Level 2 Certificate in Counselling Concepts
  • 2004-2007: Liverpool John Moores University - Liverpool, United Kingdom; course: Applied Psychology; qualification: Psychologist, BSc

Psychotherapy Qualification:
The Psychologist in Budapest - Veronica Wynne-Hughes
Master's Degree:
The Psychologist in Budapest - Veronica Wynne-Hughes
Bachelor's Degree:
The Psychologist in Budapest - Veronica Wynne-Hughes
Counselling Diploma:
The Psychologist in Budapest - Veronica Wynne-Hughes
The Psychologist in Budapest - Veronica Wynne-Hughes

Professional experience

2009 - Present Running my own private practice in person in Budapest as well as internationally via Skype
2009 - 2014 Psychologist at FirstMed international medical centre; Kindergarten Psychologist at Under the Rainbow International Pre-school and Kindergarten; School Psychologist at a number of international schools; Co-author of research article on Art Therapy and Edvard Munch, for major American journal
2009 Under the supervision of Dr. József Gerevich, took part in the Hungarian validation and evaluation of the American DSM-IV Diagnostic Manual's assessment system: the SCID
2009 Vadaskert Children's Psychiatric Hospital, took part in the conducting of group therapy by guiding the personal development of 8 adolescent inpatients
2008 - 2009 Zöld Ág Nursery School, internship, worked as a Kindergarten Psychologist together with a Clinical Psychologist supervisor
2008 Nyírő Gyula Hospital - II. Psychiatric Unit, internship, carried out a case study
2007 - 2008 Szent János Hospital, Psychiatric Unit, internship, carried out a case study
2005 Carried out 3 case studies at Supported Housing Homeless Centre in Liverpool

Professional interests

  • Family and Couples Therapy
  • Psychosomatics
  • Health Psychology
  • Clinical Psychology
  • Psychology of Religion

Is it for me?

There can be many reasons which bring a person to Counselling or Psychotherapy.

Stress and depression
Irrational fears and Panic attacks
Bereavement and loss
Work related issues
Mental and physical abuse
Family problems
Relationship issues
Parenting issues
Life coaching
Communication problems
Eating disorders
Sexual and physical abuse
Learning problems
Post-traumatic stress
Life threatening illnesses
Lack of self-esteem and self-confidence
Compulsive thoughts
Agitated emotions
Career coaching

About counselling and psychotherapy

Psychological Counselling is a process of self development and change. Counselling is about being offered the opportunity to talk in a safe environment and explore thoughts, feelings and emotions in the presence of a trained professional. Through this process, we can reach a better understanding of who we are and why we feel and respond to life in the way we do. Increasing our self-understanding helps us to live happier and more fulfilling lives. Through being listened to, valued and respected, we can gain a greater self-acceptance, boost our self-confidence and learn to develop a different relationship to our distress.

Counselling psychologists help people recognise their strengths and resources to cope with their problems. They help people understand and take action on career and work problems and pay attention to how problems and people differ across life stages.

The psychological effects of experiences such as loss, war trauma, accidents, physical attacks, work stress, relationship difficulties, sexual abuse, family problems, emotional neglect during childhood and so on can be profound and will be affected not only by the severity of the experience itself but also by such things as a person's history of distressing events, learned ways of coping, differences in personality and temperament etc. Nonetheless, it is often very important to understand an individual person's distress in the context of his or her own history and experience, personal coping strategies and personality.

The benefits of psychotherapy besides the relief of symptoms are that patients report experiencing more satisfaction in their lives, especially with the longer term therapies.

Availability on Skype

I do many of my sessions over Skype, either for geographical reasons or because many of my clients find it more convenient to have therapy from the comfort of their own home/office/etc. All you need is a stable Internet connection and privacy. In my experience Skype sessions are no less effective than those done in person, which is why they are becoming ever more popular especially in today's time pressured environment. But see for yourself, and read the following reviews.

Reviews and feedback from past skype clients

CLIENT #1: I've followed my therapy sessions with Veronica via skype, which for me was a very convenient way of having these conversations. From the comfort of my own home, or any other peaceful place I preferred, I could have my sessions at any time. Through the webcam we still had the opportunity to see each other. For me I didn't feel that my sessions were missing the personal meetings. The skype conversations definitely brought me the therapy sessions I was looking for and it was easy to build up a connection with Veronica like this. For me being able to do these sessions from anywhere at any time, gave me a great flexibility and also the comfort I needed to speak openly from whatever place suited me best.
CLIENT #2: All my sessions with Veronica were done via Skype as I am living in Australia! At first I didn't know whether such an arrangement would work but before I decided to undertake therapy from her I checked whether it was normal practice to have sessions conducted remotely via apps like Skype. It is in fact not such an unusual practice to have sessions conducted via the web and one that can in many ways be better than a face to face meeting. For one I conducted the sessions with Veronica in various places. At home, at work, in the car, even outside on my patio. Being mobile meant that our sessions could be scheduled much more readily. At home I am very comfortable and was able to relax and focus well during each session. Also one see's each others faces clearly. My eyesight isn't the best but I felt very much connected to Veronica throughout our sessions because of the quality of the image and because the image filled my entire devices screen. One can have headphones on too and so Veronica's voice easily becomes the guiding focus. As such do the Skype sessions! They're awesome as well as Veronica! Just remember to have a fast connection.
CLIENT #3: I actually chose you because of the skype sessions. I was travelling a lot at the time, and it was so convinient that i could just "take you with me" everywhere i went. I didnt have to start over every time meeting a new psycologist, we could just continue where we left off. And i also liked that i didnt have to get out of the house. I could be in my safe surroundings and i didnt have to go anywhere after the sessions. It made the whole thing really safe - also the days that you dont want to leave the house.
CLIENT #4: I had only positive experiences on Skype sessions with Veronica. It was really convenient to have a session over Skype because it saved me the time and effort of travelling to meet her and also I could do the sessions in the comfort of my own home, while having a coffee or even a late night session, which was way easier to do from home than travel to meet Veronica in person. The Skype connection was good every time we talked, I felt like the therapy plan was staying on course and we were both focused and I have nothing negative to say about having the sessions via Skype.
CLIENT #5: The online sessions via Skype provided me with some flexibility in relation to timing and location. The sessions could be held in an familiar and comfortable environment at an convenient time. This made it easier for me to relax and to focus on the session. For me it did not make a difference to have a Skype session to a regular sessions. In the Skype session the therapist was able to address the important issues in the same way as in the regular session. Discussion took place as usual and progress was made.
CLIENT #6: I worked with Veronica having regular sessions in her office for a while and then switched to having our sessions on Skype. For me it felt more comfortable to be in my own environment, it helped me feel more free to express myself and to get into the topics easily. I felt no difference in the quality of the sessions, as Veronica is always professional and she didn't allow any interruptions or distractions to interfere.
CLIENT #7: I initially started having sessions with Veronica in Budapest in person. After moving away from Budapest, I took skype sessions with Veronica for a while and I didn't notice a very big difference from seeing her in person. She was still just as available, attentive and effective over skype as she was in her office in Budapest. I don't feel that our sessions were hindered in any way because I wasn't seeing her in person. Seeing Veronica in person was better, purely because she was physically present, but in terms of psychological development, I got exactly what I needed out of the skype sessions.