Professional experience

Present:Running my own private practice
2009 - 2014:Psychologist at FirstMed international medical centre; Kindergarten Psychologist at Under the Rainbow International Pre-school and Kindergarten; School Psychologist at a number of international schools; Co-author of research article on Art Therapy and Edvard Munch, for major American journal
2009 - 2009:Under the supervision of Dr. József Gerevich, took part in the Hungarian validation and evaluation of the American DSM-IV Diagnostic Manual's assessment system: the SCID
2009 - 2009:Vadaskert Children's Psychiatric Hospital, took part in the conducting of group therapy by guiding the personal development of 8 adolescent inpatients
2008 - 2009:Zöld Ág Nursery School, internship, worked as a Kindergarten Psychologist together with a Clinical Psychologist supervisor
2008 - 2008:Nyírő Gyula Hospital - II. Psychiatric Unit, internship, carried out a case study
2007 - 2008:Szent János Hospital, Psychiatric Unit, internship, carried out a case study
2005 - 2005:Carried out 3 case studies at Supported Housing Homeless Centre in Liverpool
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