Professional experience

2009 - PresentRunning my own private practice in person in Budapest as well as internationally via Skype
2009 - 2014Psychologist at FirstMed international medical centre; Kindergarten Psychologist at Under the Rainbow International Pre-school and Kindergarten; School Psychologist at a number of international schools; Co-author of research article on Art Therapy and Edvard Munch, for major American journal
2009Under the supervision of Dr. József Gerevich, took part in the Hungarian validation and evaluation of the American DSM-IV Diagnostic Manual's assessment system: the SCID
2009Vadaskert Children's Psychiatric Hospital, took part in the conducting of group therapy by guiding the personal development of 8 adolescent inpatients
2008 - 2009Zöld Ág Nursery School, internship, worked as a Kindergarten Psychologist together with a Clinical Psychologist supervisor
2008Nyírő Gyula Hospital - II. Psychiatric Unit, internship, carried out a case study
2007 - 2008Szent János Hospital, Psychiatric Unit, internship, carried out a case study
2005Carried out 3 case studies at Supported Housing Homeless Centre in Liverpool
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